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Vegetarian News Articles

06/05/12   Michelle Pfeiffer goes Vegan
06/20/11   Quorn looks to fish to broaden appeal
06/08/11   FDA Raises Concerns Over Arsenic in Chickens
03/15/11   Time to end the insane practice of lacing chicken feed with arsenic
03/15/11   Vegan diets may not be the best route for dogs
03/15/11   Mughda Godse turns vegetarian
03/15/11   Vegetarian couple 'banned from adopting'
03/09/11   Vegan on the silver screen
03/09/11   The Billionaire Who Is Planning His 125th Birthday
08/24/10   Michelle Rodriguez Plans To Go Vegetarian For Deep Sea Whaling Mission
08/17/10   Price of red meat likely to push more people towards vegetarian diet
08/17/10   Mickelson: Vegetarian Arthritis Sufferer
08/17/10   Fran Healy goes vegetarian
07/21/10   GEICO Employees Improve Health Dramatically with Low-Fat Vegetarian Diet
07/10/10   Nutritional value of fruits, veggies is dwindling
07/06/10   Genes predict living beyond 100
06/30/10   Olivia Wilde: 2010's Sexiest Vegetarian!
06/30/10   Vegetarians more likely to have better mood
06/28/10   Jessica Simpson goes vegan
06/28/10   Vegan Chef Emerges Victorious in TV's 'Cupcake Wars'
06/28/10   FDA Urges Limiting Antibiotics in Meat
06/28/10   Mercury's Threat Greater in Ocean Fish Than Freshwater: Study
06/17/10   Vegetarian diets are associated with healthy mood
06/17/10   Eat less meat to save the planet
11/05/09   Flesh of Your Flesh
09/02/09   Chicks ground up alive, caught on video
09/02/09   Going Raw and Vegan Gets Sexy and Easy
08/27/09   Low-carb diets 'damage arteries'
08/11/09   Vegan diets are a bone of contention
08/11/09   400 tons of beef recalled from California plant
08/11/09   Horses being killed in South Florida -- for their meat?
08/11/09   Kim Sharma: New vegan on the block
08/06/09   Food fight! 8-year-old girl targets Sasha, Malia
08/05/09   Meat and Dairy Products Increase Pancreatic Cancer Risk
08/05/09   6 Tips for a Healthy Vegetarian Diet
07/30/09   For a smaller waist, try going vegan
07/29/09   Concerns growing over superbugs in our food
07/22/09   Preservatives in Meat Linked to Dementia
07/22/09   Mills buys vegan foods company
07/22/09   Alanis Morissette left mess of weight gain behind
07/22/09   Red meat and poultry: two major sources of PBDE exposure in the US.
07/22/09    World’s Waters Choking from Meat Consumption and Other Human Activities
07/16/09   Shark attack victims defend the animals on Capitol Hill
07/16/09   Wal-Mart index to rate products' environmental impact
07/16/09   HealthWatch: Vegetarians At Lower Risk Of Cancer
07/15/09   Heather Mills cooks up some publicity for vegan restaurant
07/13/09   Risk of mad cow disease from farmed fish?
07/13/09   The rise and rise of the vegetarian
07/13/09   No-kill shelter nation? Maybe in 5 years
07/08/09   Death by 2100 For World's Coral Reefs
07/08/09   Calls to curb meat consumption through labelling
07/08/09   Vegetarians Have Lower Cancer Risk
07/08/09   Animal fats linked to pancreatic cancer
07/08/09   Paying a Price for Loving Red Meat
04/07/09   Newborn chicks can count
04/07/09   Death link to too much red meat
04/07/09   Woman Calls 911 After McDonald's Runs Out Of Nuggets
03/29/09   Morrissey Bans Meat From Concert Venue
03/03/09   Cure for cancer just might be prevention
01/28/09   Peta's vegetarian advertisement is too sexy
01/28/09   Nutritional needs of vegetarian children
01/21/09   How meat contributes to global warming
01/07/09   Eat healthier, says TV's Kitchen Diva
01/07/09   Vegetarians are more intelligent, study finds
12/09/08   Raider fans' menu second-most vegetarian friendly in NFL
12/09/08   Going the whole hog as a vegetarian
12/09/08   NZers urged to beat diabetes by opting for vegan-style diet
11/26/08   How to have a vegetarian Thanksgiving
11/26/08   Vegetarian recipes for Thanksgiving dinner
11/26/08   Vegetables Are the New Meat!
11/07/08   Choosing the First Puppy
10/30/08   PETA Announces the First-Ever Sexiest Vegetarian Soldier Contest
10/29/08   Kellie Pickler goes vegetarian
09/17/08   Want to live like a celebrity? Then go vegetarian or vegan.
09/17/08   Japanese actress naked for animal rights
09/17/08   Study Shows A Vegan Diet And Exercise Fights Aging
09/09/08   Going veggie can slash your carbon footprint
09/06/08   Poignant ‘hugging’ lion video inspires movie
08/13/08   Paul McCartney heads West with his new gal
08/11/08   Jess blames the vegies
08/04/08   Pammie urges Jessica Simpson to turn vegetarian
07/29/08    Fewer omnivores find meatless meals a dilemma
07/25/08   What Will We Eat in a Hungrier World?
07/24/08   Why Vegan Is The New Atkins
07/23/08   The Only Diet for a Peacemaker Is a Vegetarian Diet
07/23/08   Who says you have to eat meat to be a successful athlete?
07/22/08   Peta offers Sharon Stone a brain scan
07/19/08   Army will shoot live pigs for medical training
07/06/08   Elite Island athletes who are vegetarians
05/01/08   Go green and cut red meat
04/30/08   CU Freshman Named 'Cutest Vegetarian Alive'
04/24/08   Green Technology in the new 'The Simpsons Ride'
04/23/08   Hollywood Goes Green On Earth Day
04/07/08   Reasons why we should all be vegetarian
12/11/07   Meat raises lung cancer risk
10/23/07   Sophie Monk gets naked for Peta