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Spice Williams-Crosby

1.What type of vegetarian are you?(vegan,lacto,lacto ovo,etc.)
2.At what age did you make the decision to go vegan?
26 years old

3.What was your reason for going vegan?
I had my 3rd drug and alcohol overdose and made up my mind to turn my life around. Took my medicinal knowledge and searched for a truth. I was a treatment nurse, medical transcriber and grew up in a medical world on a ranch with lots of meat and dairy. The American Way!!! I knew I had to go into the truth of the body and find out biochemically why I had a weight problem, health problems, skin problems.etc... I search into every corner of chiropractors, homeopaths, neuropaths, little old ladies telling me they were flushing their cancer down toilets with colonics...etc..This, in my household, would have been considered quackery. However, how I was eating and living my life, I knew wasn't working. So I took my blinders off and went for it. I then stumbled across a book called "Food Combining" by Herbert Shelton and my concept of food and life totally turned around. I began to study digestion time and realized that animal flesh and diary was rotting and putrefying in my gut lining. Pleasant thought, Uh? As I began to eliminate the foods that took the longest, I took on a lifestyle of eating that changed my body and my sense of well being. One day, someone asked me what I eat. I told them and they began to tell me I was a VEGAN! I replied, "A what?" I had no idea I had transformed myself into something that actually had a name for it. Then I was asked if I chose this lifestyle for health or for love of animals. I had never really thought of why, but the time of my change, it was purely for health. However, the cleaner my body became, the evidence of not wanting to participate in the killing of animals became extremely apparent and now I know it's for both reasons.

4.What(if anything) do you find hard about being vegan?
Nothing. This is my spiritual journey. Once I realized I was here and going for this ride, I was in love with my choice.

5.Do you find that you feel better or worse since going vegan?
Not only do I feel better, but safer. I talked to many people every week who are dealing with cancers, auto immune diseases and feeling bad, over weight, headaches, hormonal imbalances etc...I don't have to worry about any of that stuff. I feel clean and safe.

6.What about animal rights do you have any thoughts on that?
I died in a car accident when I was 18 years old. I went towards the light and saw people and animals. How dare we take an animal's life! Think about it...when we kill animals, we TAKE their life away. Who died and made us God? We are ignorant and full of excuses for doing this. I will have no part of this action of man.

7. How far do you go? Do you wear leather?Visit circuses?Etc?
I won't go to circuses, I won't buy leather. However, I'm in showbiz and if I'm given an outfit to wear that's made out of leather, I have to do my job. However, I turned down a Taco Bell Commercial that could have brought me about $30,000. They wanted me to eat their meat and cheese taco and I refused. They even said I could spit it out. But I didn't want my imagine promoting what I don't believe in. My agents have to ask me if I'll endorse a product before they submit me for a commercial.

8.I know your married to Gregory Crosby is he or your son vegetarian / vegan?
Gregory Crosby and my son, Luke Gregory Crosby (only 5 years old) are both VEGANS. And they are both lean and buffed!

9.What are some dumb things you hear from non-vegetarians?
People are so strange. They have no idea what comes out of their mouths. When I sell my Spice Of Life Meatless Jerky, I ask in demos, "Hi, would you like to try some of my Spice Of Life Meatless Jerky?" and they say to me, "No thanks, I'm not a vegetarian. I only eat the real thing!" I always reply with, "Oh, so that means you don't eat fruit, vegetables or starches. And what exactly is the REAL thing! There's fruit jerky, ...I wasn't aware that in this world we had something called REAL jerky and it HAD to be made out of dead flesh from a rotting, putrefying animal carcass!"

10.Tell us about your line of foods Spice of Life?
Our 4 flavors of jerky are wheat-free. They're made from defatted soy flour, Bragg Liquid Aminos, sunflower oil, and natural spices. The soy flour provides isoflavones which lower cholesterol, the Bragg Liquid Aminos provide flavor without the additional salt, gluten or wheat, and the sunflower oil, a monosaturate, contains the essential fatty acids that help balance hormone levels. We believe our jerky is great and not just for vegetarians but also for celiacs, diabetics, low sodium dieters, and athletes that require additional protein.

Because Spice Of Life Jerky is relatively inexpensive, requires no refrigeration, and has a shelf life of up to 1 year. We also have a wide variety of Spice Of Life Meatless Meats and it's our hope to eventually be able to feed the world, including our armed forces, children's organizations, missions, and 3rd-world nations for a fraction of the cost of conventional, hormone-filled, chemical-ridden meat. At present, we are in over 450 health food stores, feed 500 inmates at the Maranatha Correctional Institution, and servicing the Veterans Administration Hospitals, Seventh Day Adventists Hospitals along with fitness gyms across the United States.

11.Are the foods vegan or just vegetarian?

12.Where can we buy them?
We can be found at Whole Foods, Foods 4 Less, Ralph's, ABC stores across the Nation. If you can't find our foods in a local health for store, just ask them to order it for you or call our number at: 800.256.2253 and ask for Spice Of Life products. They'll ship it to you from our Manufacturer in Lake Charles, LA.

13. Tell the readers where they may have seen you before.
If you go to Imdb, you can input my name and see my resume. Or, go to my site at Spice of Life and look for my link "Spice in the Spice Of Life." There you'll find my bio. One of my most favorite roles was as "Vixis" the female Klingon in the movie, STAR TREK V - the final frontier.

14.Do you have any new projects coming up in the future?
I can been seen on a national commercial right now called, in the Flintstones II Viva Rock Vegas, Sally Fields new directorial debut movie called "Beautiful" and I just finished a TV pilot called "Team Venus." But, I work quite a bit as a stuntwoman, so always check the credits under "Stunts," you might just see my name there and then you can guess which stunt I did. Check out a movie that you can rent right now called, " A Simple Plan." I stuntdoubled the woman in that movie who gets shot!

15.Do you have any pets?
Yes, I raise Whippets. I have two right now.

16.Do you know any other famous vegetarians?
My problem with most famous vegetarians is that most of them are not really vegetarians. They try to be 50% of the time. The press will play on the fact that they see them eat vegetarian meals, but at certain times, they go back and forth. The only one I truly know of right now is James Cromewell. If you are a true vegan/vegetarian, you eat this way regardless of whether anyone is watching you or not.

17. What are some of your favorite things to eat?
Tropical Fruits with Almonds (soaked for 4 hours in purified water), bean & seed sprouts and Soy/Rice Dream Ice Cream from Imagine Foods!

18.What would you like to tell Spice Williams and Spice of Life fans about going Vegetarian?
Vegetarian means that you're willing to eat dairy. This is one of the most dangerous substances you could put into your body. Please go to my web site and click on my link "Articles" and find one of the 26 articles that I've written and had published in many medical and nutritional journals. There you'll find the article called, "Milk, Recipe For Cancer." Please be advised that this stuff is not meant for human consumption. It is directly linked to Breast, Colon and Prostate Cancer. Also, my other article called, "Food Allergies and Systemic Candida Albicans." Very important to educate yourselves on this poison that our meat and dairy corporations have so successfully shoved down our throats.

19.Have any last thoughts or words of wisdom?
Be a SMART Vegan! Study your foods. For as Hippocrates says, "Let your food be your medicine and your medicine be your food!" Well, you need to know how many grams of protein, carbohydrates and essential fatty acids your body needs per day. People say to me all the time, " I tried to become a vegetarian, but I got sick and had to go back on to meat." This is purely a sign of an uneducated person trying to do something good for their body, but not having the tools to maintain it's health. Eliminating flesh and dairy from one's diet is not the whole answer. Learn about food combining, when to eat, how to combine grains and beans to compliment your protein intake, how to soak your nuts, seeds and beans for proper digestion, eating every three hours, eating to support your activities...etc.. God created this magnificent gift, our bodies, and we know more about taking care of our automobiles than we do of our bodies. This God given gift has a science to it, and we have the responsibility to learn about that science in order to maintain this spiritual lifestyle we have chosen. Be strong, healthy and wise and go out there and teach the world by example. Remember, a picture is worth a 1,000 words and the first thing I'm always told is " you don't look like a vegan!" Well, that because, most vegetarians or vegan don't do it right and don't look healthy! I'll be 48, April 26, 2000 and I was kick boxing and lifting weights the day my water broke 5 years ago. I try to life my life with using all my knowledge to guide me to make the right choices. If you change to a very healthy lifestyle and you set an example of love, and high energy then the world will come to you asking you the same question they ask me..."What do you eat that makes you look so healthy, full of energy and strong?" I just smile and proudly say, "I'm a VEGAN!" Stay strong and Sweet,
Spice Williams-Crosby