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Poison Star Rikki Rockett

Q. Are you a vegetarian or a vegan?
A.Vegan. About 95%. Meaning, I'm not perfect.

Q. Do you find that it's difficult being vegan? What's the hardest part?
A.Just really knowing what is in certain foods. Traveling can be tough especially in other countries. However, I don't really look at it as an inconvienance. Not to sound whacky, but I think going vegan is a gift of enlighntenment.

Q. At what age did you go vegetarian/vegan and why?
A.Only 8 years ago. I was fighting against animal abuse and one day I simply realized that the mass slaughter of animals for food is one of the worst forms of abuse in our world today. We get upset when we here about the guy down the street with his dog chained up outside on a short leash in all kinds of weather but we overlook the abuse in the farming industry.

Q. Can you think of any significant events while growing up that shaped your compassion towards animals?
A. Yes, I was a hunter and on my first day I never got a buck, so I decided I wanted to shoot something. I shot an innocnet bird out of a tree. It fell to the ground and I watched it take it's last breath two feet from me. I killed for no reason what so ever. That moment has haunted me ever since. That day I made a commitment to do everythig I could to help the innocent lives of animals. I still feel sick that I did that everytime I think about it. I try to use the experience as empowerment. What it really was was a jerk off kid who was bored. The idea of hunting and the relationship between it and the disregard for life is a very real concept.

Q. Is anyone else in your family or circle of friends vegetarian/vegan?
A.I have lots of vegetarian friends. My girlfriend Malina is a great inspiration to me and always has been since I met her.

Q. Do you have any children? If yes or if you plan on it in the future would you like to try and raise this child as a vegetarian/vegan?
A.I don't have any, but when and if I do, I will raise the child vegan until the child is old enough to make it's own decision.

Q. Do you find most people are understanding of your choices or not so understanding?
A.It's mixed bag really. I don't take shit from people who aren't, yet I don't shove my opinions down their throught either. I just tell them the truth.

Q. Do you have any pets?
A.Collectively, Malina and I have 15 animals.

Q. What are some of your favorite things to eat?
A.I love vegan chinese food and I love italian food.

Q. What about wearing leather,wool,etc? To what extent do you go?
A.I really don't wear any. I have a leather jacket that I have had for 15 years that I can't seem to let go of, but I hardly ever wear it.

Q. What do you think about circuses,rodeos and zoos?
A.All the above make shadows of the animals they once were or could have been. The very concept is abuse to me.

Q. Do you know any other vegetarian celebrities?
A.I know people like Tippy Hedren, but I'm out to convert as many people as I can!

Q. How do you feel since you went vegetarian/vegan?
A.At 38 I look better than I did at 30 I think.

Q. What would you like to tell Rikki Rockett fans about going vegetarian/vegan and animal rights.
A. I grew up on a meat and potatoes diet in PA. It's tough to make the decision when you are raised that way. However, it is so nice to lay down at night and know that no animals have died for you or because of you.

Q. Do you have any thought's on Ted Nuggent who is everything you're not?
A.He actually isn't everything I'm not. He's a patriotic rocker who asserts his beliefs. However, his animal politics totally eclipses all that. I don't hate Ted, I hate his beliefs, which makes me dislike him in general. I try to take the attention away from Ted himself when I'm asked about him. The animal issues are way bigger than both of us and he doesn't deserve the press he gets from it.

Q. What do you think of animal hunters?
A.I think by now you know the answer to that one. If you are unclear, I am against hunting. The hunter as an environmentalist is a myth.

Q. What is the dumbest thing you have heard from a non vegetarian?
A.Man was meant to eat meat.

Q.Any last words?
A.Dont base your beliefs on any thing but what you truly feel in your heart. I happen to believe that when people really reach down inside themselves, they'll see that killing animals for food is not ethical or nessesary. It's this idea that gives me hope in humanity.