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1. Hello Ocean. I am so pleased to get the chance to interview you today. Would you please introduce yourself to our viewers and tell them all a little something about yourself?
Hi - I'm Ocean, and I am a vocalist-songwriter-producer, a surfer, I do wildlife rescue, and promote veganism and environmentalism. And, yes, Ocean is my real name!

2. I know you're a vegan. Do you have any tips for people who want to go vegan but think it would be to hard?
I'm a vegan because I love animals, and there are many more reasons to become vegan. I believe that when you start with compassion, only good things follow- for instance, when people become vegan, their health becomes great, their looks improve, their stamina, they look younger and stay younger- vegans live at least ten years longer than carnivores. And vegetarians who love animals should know that by using milk products, they support the veal industry and cause great suffering to cows. They also endanger themselves by ingesting drugs and hormones. There are so many wonderful, great-tasting products to replace cruelty food out there! They have compassionate, plant-based ingredients for any recipe! If anyone wants info on this, I invite them to email me at There are so many delicious, compassionate alternatives- even soy yogurt- including rice dream instead of ice cream, non-dairy creamers,etc., that it's easy to go vegan all the way! I actually have a list of recipes I'll be making into a vegan cookbook soon. I like to help people become vegan!

3. Tell us a little about your Concerts for Animals.
My Concerts will showcase vegan musicians and bands, doing their usual music as well as any animal oriented songs. Also any vegan artists of whatever medium and animal advocates will be invited to highlight their artistry and activities, and to have booths surrounding the concerts in order to help enlighten people about how wonderful it is to be vegan and to help animals, and therefore, to save our planet. I invite all vegan artists and activists to contact me, as well as any vegan sponsors for these activities!

4. You are an artist. What inspires your artwork?
I really have almost constant inspiration from the world all around me- and especially from the ocean itself- I live surrounded by the rhythm of the waves, and sometimes I'm lullabied by its slow rocking, sometimes, storm-tossed, at other times, serenaded by the cross-waves and swirling motions, then hypnotized by the slow crawls of waves across the small pebbles in low tide. There is always a beat, and melodies and words just coalesce in my subconscious until they erupt into my mind fully-formed as songs, and then I only have to write them down or play them. I'm not sure exactly where they come from. Oh, and maybe you're interested in my visual artistry! I paint, draw, sketch, sculpt, make things- and I also find inspiration from all around me- and inside my head- something just jumps into my mind and then I create it somehow.

5. You write amazing poetry. Your poetry has alot of depth for someone your age. Where does that come from.
Thanks. I guess I have lived a lot, already, in the sense that I've experienced a lot of loss in my personal life, I've traveled and observed so many ways of living in the world, and have absorbed other cultures. I also read a lot. I love history, mythology and anthropology as well as fiction. I think mostly, though, I appreciate beauty in all its forms and, since I get really attached to everything emotionally, I feel joy and loss almost always, since all is changing constantly. The main factor must be the fact that we're faced with either watching everything we all love die before our eyes or doing something immediately to save our planet and every living thing on it- this is a deep sorrow that we all- all of us who care- feel. Maybe it's that huge reality that has sort of expanded my soul. And the fact that I AM doing something to save everything I love- everything I can. It enables me to be honest with myself, to be open- the fact that I have nothing to be guilty about or to repress or to disguise- since I harm nothing and no one, and only help, I can turn my energies outward. Everyone has a territory, a boundary, within which is all they care deeply about- for some, it's only himself, for some, it's his own tribe, for others, like me, it's everything! I really feel all is ONE being- all of creation- and I love everything and everyone and feel all as a part of myself. It is my fervent intent to find the keys to open everyone's hearts and expand their boundaries to include all of creation. Then we will save the world.

6. Do you have any songs about veganism ? If not do you plan on writing any?
Yes, I do- I have a collection of songs honoring various animal groups, species, which I will produce later in this year. I want to find beautiful footage of these animals in their natural states to accompany my songs and to send them out for all kinds of networks to air - I hope they will inspire others to love these animals in the intense way that I do. I also have various animal rights' songs- some dreamy, some frustrated, some militant, metal, some actually like animal rights' anthems. I want to produce all of them as soon as possible.

77. Where can we see you in the future? Anything you want to tell us about? (Videos, Shows, Appearances, Magazines, etc)
Yes, my debut cd, Mermaid Music, is doing very well, and the first music video is being aired worldwide, of my song, 'Love-Junkie', and another single, 'Siren Song', is getting great airplay too! I'm working on my second cd, which will appear on Valentines' Day- it's a collection of soulful songs for lovers, and has music like sexy sambas and love ballads. I'm also working on the second music video, and on various other projects. Several interviews will be appearing soon in magazines, including one for 'Singer Magazine', which spotlights vocalists. There are always updates at my site,, too !

8. Your music has been compared to that of Prince, Sting, Bjork, Sade, Led Zeppelin, Fiona Appel, Radiohead, Jennifer Lopez, Blondie, and Madonna. How do you describe your music?
One of my favorite comparisons was that I sound like a 'cross between Jimi Hendrix and Peggy Lee.' I think that sums up the basic blending of funk, blues-based, exotic soulful rock, and the sultry,primitive, jazzy-world type thing that I have going on.

9. Is there anyone you would like to work with?
Because they're vegans and geniuses, I'd love to work with Moby and Prince. For vocal duets I'd love to sing with Robert Plant, Sting, Seal, or Roy Orbison, if he were still with us -because I sing in a multi-octave style, and so do they. The main one I'd love to work with would be Jimmy Page, as a musician/collaborator.Led Zeppelin covered a remarkable range of music.

10. Where would you like your career in 5 years?
I'll be singing and writing and producing tunes- whether on a grand scale or for my own select audience around the world- and of course I'll be promoting veganism and kindness to all of our planet. I'd like to be influential because I believe my aims are good for everyone and everything, and I'd love to create musical and other artworks of lasting value. I plan to create a foundation that will further my my work for the animals and our planet even after I'm gone. And I have an environmental website and an animal advocate site coming soon, as well as sites for vegan artists and musicians.

11. You're an environmentalist. What do you see as one of the biggest problems facing our planet today?
The only problem, basically, is human apathy. Humans are the only animals who can save the world or speak for the other members of our other animal family. If we, the ones who care, will mobilize, influence, and open the minds of the vast minions of people who go on day after day, destroying the world - then our planet and all the life on it will have a chance to endure and to prosper. All it will take is for all human beings to understand that there is a code red emergency NOW- and that we all must become vegan, not just to save our own lives, or those of innocent animals, but to save the air, the water, the trees, the earth, the entirety of life. Briefly, the industries which raise animals for food are responsible for some of the greatest air, water, and land pollution, and for much of the tree-felling,etc. let alone great animal suffering and causing bad health for humans. The second factor is that human overpopulation must be curtailed. We need to commit to being child-free or to only having one child. People who really want to have children should first adopt the millions of unwanted, homeless children languishing in orphanages. Countries should award tax breaks and bonuses to people who decide not to add to overpopulation. Then, not only will the children prosper, but the quality of life for all will rise and our planet will begin to heal. I pray that the kids coming up today understand the extreme need to take emergency measures right now. We can all make a difference every day, with every choice we make- of what brands to buy, what foods to eat, what clothes to wear. My sincerest hope is that compassion will spread all over the world- fast!