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Joanne Rose

1. What type of vegetarian are you?(vegan,lacto,lacto ovo,etc.)
I am a proud Vegan.

2.At what age did you make the decision to go vegetarian/vegan?
I converted to Veganism in my late teens from previously being Vegetarian.

3. What was your reason for going vegan?
My love for all creatures great and small made me understand the importance of not only deciding not to eat animals, but choosing not have any bi-animal products either. I learnt more about Veganism from my admiration of American actor, River Phoenix.

4.What (if anything) do you find hard about being vegan?
The products that contain wheat and gluten. I have an allergy to wheat and gluten and on occasion I find Vegan foods that contain these ingredients.

5. Do you find that you feel better or worse since going vegan?
Much better. I feel alot healthier.

6.Do you find it's hard to tour while keeping a vegan and cruelty free lifestyle?
It's improved dramatically in Los Angeles so it is not so difficult to live this lifestyle when traveling and I always request a Vegan meal on flights.

7.What about animal rights do you have any thoughts on that?
I am devoted to animal liberation and as living creatures whether that be human beings, animals, plants, we are all entitled to be on this earth.

8. How far do you go? Do you wear leather?Visit circuses?Etc?
I never wear leather. I substitute for Vinyl, Synthetic materials. I also refuse to wear wool, fur, silk. I don't visit Circuses. I don't agree with their decisions to use animals for entertainment purposes.

9. What about family and friends are they understanding of this lifestyle? What about your significant other?
My family were originally concerned for me when I made the choice to become a Vegan, fearing that I may be lacking the essential vitamins needed on a daily basis. But when they understood what products were available and what was being introduced on the market for Vegans, they were more understanding and accepting. My brother, Scott and his girlfriend, Sarah converted to Veganism and my meat eating parents are both Vegetarians now. My friends etc. are understanding of my lifestyle, despite that they may still continue to eat meat themselves.

10.Is the acting industry more or less accepting of the vegetarian lifestyle than the average person?
I am not too sure. I have learnt of other Vegans in my craft and there seems to be an increasing number in the acting field which always makes me feel proud.

11.What are some dumb things you hear from non-vegetarians?
Oh there are many "dumb" things I hear from non-vegetarians - ha, ha. One of my favorites is when they try to change your opinion by telling you that carotts have feelings too. Also, how our teeth were designed to eat meat.

12. Tell the readers where they may know you from.
I'm gradually making my way on to the market. They may have seen me in "Blonde", "Child Star", "Neighbors" (Australian TV series) and have seen my work online on my site

13.Do you plan on doing any promotions talking about vegetarianism/ animal rights in the future?
I would definitely like too. I feel it's important to educate others, especially those unaware of alternatives and what they can do to help.

14.Do you have any new projects coming up in the future?
Well, I am re-locating to New York to further train at The Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute.

15.Do you know any other famous vegetarians/vegans?
Joshua Greenbaum, a friend of River Phoenix and an Australian Film Director named Glenn Fraser.

16.What are some of your favorite things to eat?
Chinese food and Tofu dishes

17.What would you like to tell your fans about going Vegetarian?
It is a very healthy way of living that is also cruelty free. If there are alternatives out there, why continue to eat something with a face.

18.Have any last thoughts or words of wisdom?
Live on, love all and let live.